So Many Shiny New Toys!

Christmas came early for me this year! Adobe is currently having (if you’re reading this before the 25th) their Black Friday sale! If you’re a student or teacher, you get 68% off on their products!

Now, this meant that I only needed to spend <$200 for the whole year for the ENTIRE Creative Suite! So I took advantage of it! I now have fulfilled by childhood dream of having the Adobe Animate software, so now I can make animated cartoons! For my first project, my little sisters and I are making a cartoon about a princess who get’s a new dress from her fairy godmother. A very simple story, but hey, like I said, it’s a first project.


I also signed up for Photoshop and Illustrator courses at my community college. I’m hoping work will pay for it, since I have expressed interest in wanting to move to their graphics department! Fingers crossed everybody!

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