Coming up for Next Term!

Hey, everyone! For those of you who’ve been following my conservation-related blogs, I just got the go-ahead to count my volunteer work at the Art Museum as internship credit! As long as I blog about it!

So, here’s a little preliminary pre-blog about what I’ve been doing:

I’ve been making boxes and envelopes for archival materials for the museums print vault!

Getting this volunteer job at the art museum was a huge honor for me. I was already enjoying my position as a Rental Sales gallery representative where I was already being exposed to so much beautiful local art in my state, but this was the real position I want: Working with Samantha Springer, the museum’s official art conservator, and Anne Crouchley, the museum registrar, to help preserve historical art.

I got to see the vault where they keep the artworks, which was kept cold to slow any degradation the materials would suffer (you know, basic chemistry and all).

I would be charged with putting the historical books, prints, and all paper materials into protective coverings.

The materials used to wrap the books are from Gaylord Archival. The reason why conservators use archival papers and cardboard is because they’re acid-free and generally not going to make any degrading reactions to the historical pieces being protected.



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