I Need Your Help

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We did it, guys!

Also, oops! Realized I hadn’t made a blog post in five days. How dare I?

Okay. So. Here’s what happened:

I came into my internship the other day just happy as a clam. I took off my coat, grateful that I wasn’t taking off 80 layers like I did last week in response to the snowstorm that hit my city. Everything was going right for me, it seemed, and I went right to work. Better yet, the glue dried on one of the archival boxes I made (well, the lid to it, anyway), and it fit the box perfectly!

I hear the faint, vibrating noise from my phone.

I go over to check it, thinking perhaps it was my boyfriend replying to my asking if he was available for dinner tonight when he got out of class.

It wasn’t.

It was an email.

This email knocked the wind right out of me. I can’t remember the last time I felt so many emotions (both overwhelming joy and overwhelming fear) go through my head at once.

I texted my boyfriend saying I had something to tell him. He asked me what was bothering me, I told him it wasn’t so much that, just that it wasn’t something I needed to tell him in person.

We met at a bar. We talked for a bit, and after a few sips of beer and some time in his company, the dread wore off and I handed him my phone to show him the email I got. I saw his eyes slide back and forth across the sentences. I thought he had a worried look, but, then again, I never was good at assuming peoples’ thoughts.

It was probably just a few seconds, but it seemed like much longer. He handed me back the phone, smiled, and said,

“Yup. You did it. Good job, dear.”

What did I do? Well… remember my first few blog posts? How they were about they were about my hopes to study abroad in Florence, Italy?

That email was the acceptance letter into the program.

So, yeah. I did it. I got in! Yay!

Now, here’s the thing. Sadly, I need to come up with a lot of funds for plane tickets, tuition, board, food, supplies, etc. I’m going to be working harder than ever at my retail job and saving as much as I possibly can, but if you guys can help, not only would you have my unending gratitude, but I’ll make it worth your while too.

Here is my Patreon page (any contributions will make will help me financially on a monthly basis AND I will make you art as well as see the first drafts of my comic which so far is about two idiots trying to survive in a world ruled by dragons)

Here is my GoFundMe if you would like to make a donation!

Seriously! If ten of you donated $1, then that would be a day’s worth of food while I’m over there!

Also, I am accepting just about any and all art commissions! Do you want an old master reproduction? I can do that! Do you have an original character in mind you want me to make? I can do that a lot quicker! Just send me an email at BigSister792@gmail.com, and we’ll get something going!


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