PAM Internship Week 5: More Japanese Prints and Paul Dahlquist

I’m showcasing two pieces today:

I don’t have a whole lot of information on these prints, but I still want to share them with you because I think they look nifty.


Song for One

These contemporary Japanese prints were a gift to Arlene Schnitzer.

Next, I wrapped a Folio of photograph work by Paul Dahlquist, an Oregon based artist, When I looked at his website, I found that the majority of his artwork centered around pornographic, homosexual themes. I wondered if the art that I wrapped up was done by the same artist (for the artwork’s safety, I only looked at the first two images in the Folio), but after seeing the PAM’s full collection of his, I found a couple pieces that corresponded with the artwork showcased on Dahlquist’s website.

It reminded me a lot of what I learned in my Art Criticism course from a couple terms back where for a while, pornography was not considered art, but then people like Jeff Koons with his “Made in Heaven” series sought to tear down this barrier (though, art critic Annie Sprinkle, a real pornographer, still believed his series to be “art” and definitely not porn).

It seems the general layout of Dahlquist’s work seeks the same kind of goals, which is to display this level of intimacy in a fine arts environment.

Guy Anderson

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