ArH Internship Weeks 8: OSU Prints and Sad Poetry

So, just a disclaimer, I did in fact GO to my internship my last week and had every intention of doing the blog post. I had a paper in History of Photography that I needed to do and work was exhausting, so I spent the free time I did have working on the Lent Project almost as a theraputic thing.

Welp. I’m gonna stop making excuses for myself in 3…2…1…


So, if I’m going to be perfectly honest, There were very few things these last few months that I wrapped up that I got super excited about. I liked just about everything, but only a couple of things made me look and immediately think “Wow.”

This week was one of those. 🙂

I wrapped up a Visual Design portfolio from Oregon State University made in 2002.

The print on the left is called Spring Fragment. I was dumb and forgot to jot down the title of the one on the right, but I liked it. If I just had one criticism about it would be the musician’s teeth. They look a little scary, but I like the shadows on her face and the way the guitar is made is really cool. Spring Fragment is really interesting because it’s very abstract-looking, but the way the shapes and shading are placed really drew my eye really well. Generally, I’m not a fan of art that’s not supposed to look like anything, but this artist pulled it off really well.

The next thing I wrapped is called Archeologies of Loss poetry by Srah Lantz and Prints by Sarah Horowitz.

I didn’t get a good look at the poems, but the prints looked really nice. The subjects were various Flora that looked like they should have had blossoms, but didn’t.


The link I provided gives a much better description of these poems than I could, but as a quick introduction, the cover page of the book noted that it was made in memory of someone named Eleanor Winter. The themes of the poems discuss loss, renewal, and rebuilding of Jewish identity after the Holocaust in Europe.



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