Our Lady of the Wood: Lenten Project Day 16

Todunderpaintingay was a good day. It’s been seven days since I did the priming, and it was now time to start on the actual painting. Thankfully, the disappeared drawing wasn’t a problem. I was able to paint Mary and Jesus more or less the way it was before.

I’m really happy with this so far. I have this slight fear of making Jesus look creepy. Why? Because it’s easy to make faces look creepy. It’s something about the eyes. Already, I know one eye’s larger than the other, but that’s going to be fixed when I start adding more color.

I’m happy with the face so far though. Hopefully it stays that way as I keep working on it.

Honestly, I did not think I would get this far this quickly. I may end up getting this finished well before Lent’s over.


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