First few days in Italy

Hey all,

Sorry for not posting anything. My laptop was out of battery and I’ve been procrastinating getting an adapter. I’m currently in this limbo between too tired to be out and about, but I’m too wired to take a nap (which is a good thing. I took a nap yesterday evening which went on too long that caused me to miss the evening mass (church service), and completely screwed up my sleep schedule… again). So… I’m currently in my apartment just relaxing and reaching out to you all.

The Flight

My boyfriend drove me to the airport. I’m really happy he did, but, as you can guess, it was pretty emotional for both us. He’s been very supportive of me going on this trip, but it was still pretty sad. I do love living in the future though. He’s been in constant contact via phone, and he’s going to be visiting for Christmas. So, I’ll be seeing him in three months instead of eight.

I will say this though. Going from the Westcoast to the East to Europe was absolutely brutal! I did see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 though. That was a pretty fun movie.

I met up with the rest of my classmates in New York. Most of them were undergraduates, but the ones I hung out with during the flight were pretty cool. They were studying animation, and given what I could pick up from their personalities and conversations, they sounded like very hard workers too. Definitely not here just to goof off and vacation I can tell you that much.

The next step was making a stop in Germany to transfer flights. So, now I have a stamp in my passport from Germany. Yay! Our flights were delayed an hour, which kind of sucked, but oh well.

Then… we got to Florence… I waited for my luggage with a couple other classmates, the one I talked to the most, Liz, was an adorable sprightly graduate student with a pixie cut. Our luggage never showed up. So we had to file a claim and as far as I know, it still hasn’t shown up yet. Thankfully, I always pack for a flight with the assumption that this will happen, so I had a week’s worth of clothes in my carry-on.

Turns out Liz and I were going to be roommates! Yay!

The Apartment

It’s a very cute apartment. It’s also practically right next to the Duomo, so that’s nice.

Here’s my roommates in front of the Duomo our first night here

And here’s some pictures of the apartment:

And here’s some additional photos I took:

My Roommates

My roommates are awesome. There’s supposed to be five of us, but I know one had trouble with her visa and I’m unsure where the other one is. For now it’s just me, Liz, and Robyn. Robyn has traveled quite a bit and has lots of interesting stories. She also knows enough Italian to get around. Liz and I share a very similar philosophy when it comes to art, and this idea that there’s no reason art shouldn’t be happy and beautiful. On top of that, we’re all getting along great and we’re either clean people, or messy but trying hard to be clean, and we all like to cook!. They’re both vegetarians. Which means A) More meat for me and B) Meat is expensive anyway, so maybe it wouldn’t be in our best interest to buy it all the time.

Honestly, after all that getting mentally ready for the “horrible roommate” experience that I was kind of preparing myself for pre departure, I don’t think I could possibly ask for better roommates.


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