Leaving for a new Country: Some Reflections

NOTE: I’m actually currently IN Italy right now. I started this blog post before I left but I was too busy to finish it.

Hey all,

So… it’s going to be a few days then I’m finally leaving to study art conservation in Italy. I have all my paperwork pretty much done. Kinda wish I brushed up more on my chemistry and the general science side of art conservation, but meh. Nothing to be done about it now…

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted anything. I’ve been crazy busy in the time leading up to when I finally leave for Florence, as you can imagine. Though, there were times where I was playing video games instead of getting ready, so I guess even that’s not a valid excuse. Even so, I will take a moment to reflect here. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Reflection 1: Getting Ready

Moved to a new phone plan, made sure my papers were all in order, all in all, I think I’m just about good.

Reflection 2: Lots of Art

I did a post a while back about an artist here in my city who inspired me to be better. So, I’ve been doing a little of drawing studies. Nothing particularly busy or colorful, but just things to help practice and improve.

I also finished tutoring my sister with her first Old Master copy painting, Mary Cassat’s “Girl in a Blue Armchair”. For her age and skill level, I think she did a pretty good job. Original is from WikiArt.

And finally, my Grandpa’s painting. I finished the painting to commemorate him after his passing back in April. This is going to be my last painting in the States for quite a while. I finished it. It was tough. I cried quite a few times. I miss him terribly, but I finished it.


Reflection 3: Self Sabotage

Well, I won’t go to deep into the details of minor low risk self destructive behaviors, but I’ve been spending the last few days battling this mindset of being mortified of change. I’m going to be leaving my home, my family, my friends, and my old life behind to experience a whole new culture, language, etc. I know I won’t be the same person when I come back, and as excited as I am, this is also very terrifying for me. I feel like some animal, subconscious part of my brain is trying to sabotage me, and I wasn’t even wholly aware of it until my dad started asking me questions about stupid things I’ve been doing.

I did confide in my friend, Marjan, about my fears and worries. Of course, she moved to the states from Iran, a completely different culture, indefinitely. I don’t know if she was sympathizing with me or laughing at me (probably both, and more so the latter) to which I replied, “Oh yeah. You know a thing or two about this, don’t you?” We both laughed. It was great. I’m gonna miss her.

Reflection 4: Saying Goodbye


I’ve been going around saying goodbyes. My good friend, who is also an artist, Eileen, took me to Vine Gogh for a Paint Nite event thing, and here’s what we made.


Hers is on the left. I really love her water, and her mountains look like ice melted on them then froze again. There’s a very calm, quiet serenity about hers that I really like. She’s an awesome artist. I really recommend checking out her original stuff.

My mother threw an amazing goodbye party for me. My sister (same sister who made the Girl in a Blue Armchair painting). Made me these yummy cupcakes:


It was an amazing party. I got to see quite a few people whom I haven’t seen in a long time. I’m really grateful for all the people who showed up to wish me farewell. It’s nice to feel so loved.


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