Coffee with Art: Red Panda Watercolor

I wanted to draw a portrait of human, but there were too many portrait references to choose from.

I’m having a bit of a rough time this morning. I’m having palpitations like crazy and the thing that’s bothering me just won’t go away. For this reason, I was inspired to draw a red panda, which, come to think of it, started this whole thing.

Only this time, it turned into an entire watercolor rather than a drawing built off an abstract watercolor shape.

There’s something about the red panda smile that’s very therapeutic, any cute animal really, but I’ve attributed a lot of meaning to this particular animal. They remind you that life isn’t all bad, that people who bring you down- especially if they know they’re doing it just to be bullies- are not worth fretting over.

Good morning!

Not a bad way to start the morning.


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