Coffee with Art: Shine Like the Sun

I’m sure it’s happened to the best of us. There are times where something happens that make us really not like people. Everybody has a bit of good and bad in them, but there are days where it’s seemingly impossible for not seeing anything other than the bad.

Here’s a cold, hard fact. People suck. Everybody lies, everybody is self-centered to a degree, and many people will take their own insecurities out on others- especially if they think they can get away with it.

But, here’s another cold, hard fact: We have to live with them.

An even colder fact: We ARE them.

And a less colder fact, but no less true: Everybody thinks they’re the good guy.

What I believe: If you ask God to see people the way He sees them, they’ll shine like the sun.

Well. I did not intend for this picture to literally mean that, but now that I’ve said it, I can’t unsee it.

Also, have you ever had an epiphany, then sort of forgot about it months later?

I wanted to go back to drawing portraits for a little while. One of my original reasons for loving to draw and paint portraits is because I believe it’s so hard to see the good in people sometimes, but being able to make beautiful paintings of people can help put your mind in a new perspective and appreciate the beauty in people as well as art.

I especially admire Rembrandt in this respect. He painted honest portraits of himself as well as portraits of unattractive people, yet, his art is the magnifying glass that better allows you to see the beauty within.

The reason why this is important to me is because as someone who’s been bullied a lot in my life, it’s been hard for me to like people or understand why I should like people. As I grew up, I realized that you live in a world full of people, and when have you ever been purely good? Have you honestly never cut someone off in traffic? Been jealous of someone who succeeded more than you with seemingly half the effort? Wished something bad to someone else thinking it make you feel better?

So, what’s the better way to live? Live grumpy and resentful because of the sad fact that malevolence and spite exist in the world? Or to make an effort to see good in people? To understand… no… admire… that like you and me, everyone is suffering a lot. Everyone thinks they deserve more and that life is unfair, and lots of people try and fail, but still try to be better. Even the ones that don’t still deserve a chance.

More importantly, think of someone in your life who radiates this sense of joy and peace, think of that person who inspires you to be- not like them necessarily- but just a better, kinder version of YOU.

If you were to be like that, think of the next person you’ll inspire, and the next person they’ll inspire.

Today, I think I’m going to think very hard about that. How important it is to be add something to this world tainted by malevolence. To bring people up in a world that’s always tearing them down.


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