3 Hour Workday Challenge: Day 3

So, looks like I’ll be failing this challenge somewhat this week. The art gallery I’m working at is currently setting up the new show so, I have to leave early to go to services beforehand. BUT I still got up at 5 am! So this challenge is a success in my book.

Life happens, but this time, not because I slept in!

I thought about completing the rest of my three hours after work, but I will most definitely NOT be able to work on commissions after work. I want to work on commissions when I’m at my best. Drained, tired, and exhausted after a long day at work is NOT my best.

I did do my learning time, and I should be able to do business related time after I get home from work. We’ll see.

Learning Time

I watched the last part of the three part Loomis Method video series I started yesterday about using the Loomis method intuitively (or, drawing mostly from observation, but letting the Loomis method guide you). Since that video was 15 minutes, I watched another video from Fine Art Tips (sometimes it’s helpful to listen to the same technique from different people.)

Breakthrough! So, you ever get these moments where the simplest things just don’t occur to you until they’re explained? Well, for the longest time, I thought that this part of the Loomis head…

… was for the eyes. No. It’s the BROWline, for the eyeBROWS. Hurg. Man this makes so much sense. This has been bothering me for years! I always thought the eyes went there, then I got perplexed as to why the eyes looked so high!

So did I fail? Sure. Technically. Am I excited for tomorrow? Hell yeah!


Commissions (30 Minutes)

Well, it turns out I had some extra time for commissions after all. Not a whole hour, but I spent 30 minutes on the Draeni with the Loomis method in mind. Not. a. bad. deal. I’m going to spend possibly one more hour total on this drawing, then I’ll move it to oil painting paper.


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