Three Hour Workday Challenge: Day 4

Timers! There’s a reason why you set timers!

Is it to keep yourself from quitting your task early? Sure, I guess, I thought so anyway, but sometimes, more importantly, they keep you from going too far over!

Learning Time (I don’t know how long, but definitely WELL over 30 minutes)

More Loomis Method studies! I’m already sick of it, but I’m going to keep practicing until that becomes my new habit. I feel like I’m already seeing a drastic improvement in my art, so that makes me very happy!

I followed along this 9 minute video. Which is why I didn’t set my timer, but then, as I think was a good call, I kept pausing the video, re-drawing the exercises, and really tried to make sure I absorbed the work.

The below video by Robert Marzullo was fantastic! While I think Proko did a great job with the practice and introductory side, Marzullo started off going into detail about the shape of head (even mentioning the fact that the top of the head kind of goes up at an angle on the sides which is really helpful. He doesn’t give you too much information at once, and really encourages practice and repetition, which is very important.

So, yes, Learning Time was a lot longer than usual, but that’s not a bad thing.

Commissions (Again, longer than an hour combined)

I finished the drawing of the Draeni! The next step is to draw on canvas paper and start painting it. I was a lot more strict about the time this time.

The private commission though I spent about an hour on it.

Business, Business, Business…

Again, this took more like an hour and a half.

I spent the first half looking up what it would take to get a Drink n’ Draw going… when I realized that after the start up cost (canvases, easles, etc) would be recuperated if everyone attended the first one, It could potentially bring in a lot more money…

So, the second half was dedicated to researching what it would take to get an LLC. I currently get a commission a couple times a year, but if I was to get really serious about making AshMeyerArt into an actual business, I REALLY don’t want the IRS getting grumpy at me.


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