Three Hour Work Day Challenge: Day 6

Happy new year and welcome to the new twenties!

As tradition dictates, I stayed up until midnight, had alcohol, and had a nice, quiet party at home. Didn’t drink too much, so I didn’t wake up hungover, but I did wake up with much little and much less quality sleep. STILL managed to get up at 5 anyway though because my alarm went off and there was no way going back to sleep would improve my sleep quality, so I might as well get up.

To wake myself up more, I took a cold shower and got to work.

Learning Time (30 Minutes)

As kind of a mini celebration, I’ve decided to draw Loomis faces while watching the Cell Block Tango from Chicago.

Hehe… “Artistic differences…”

I don’t know if it’s the lack of sleep, but other the side view on the second page here, I wasn’t super happy with them. I’m planning to try again tomorrow and if I’m still not happy with it, I’ll watch the tutorial videos again. I think I need to measure the spacing on the eyes better.

Commissions (1 Hour)

So… I stupidly thought I could get away with using Titanium-Zinc white for the commission I’m working on, but it’s not blending the way actual Titatinium white is supposed to so, I’m going to get a tube of Titanium White today and continue it tomorrow.

So, instead, I spent a whole hour on the Draenei painting!

I drew the preliminary sketch on the gessoed paper that I prepared yesterday. Now that I’ve started painting on it, I can say with confidence now that the Arches canvas paper IS as good I hoped.

Business (WELL over 1 hour)

As many of you know, I have a Redbubble account where I’m selling cute coffee mugs, but did you also know that I have a TeeSpring account with practically NOTHING on there?

End of Commercial.

I want to put these stores to better use, so I spent Business Time researching how to make them more effective.

This morning, I was inspired to research Marketing. I understand that one of my strengths is that I have the ability to create things that you can put on shirts, coffee mugs, etc.

I’m finding that I’m really enjoying having an hour dedicated to just learning and putting into practice strategies on building the business itself.

I should mention that to help organize the business side of art, I created a Trello board. It’s filled with ideas, lists, etc

On the left I have streams of income. At least once an hour every day is dedicated to looking into how making these streams of income happen.

And there is a separate tag just for T-shirts
And here is Coffee T-Shirt complete with lists, helpful links, etc

Since I have no attention span, the Trello board helps keep me focused on organized.

While ideally, I should only be focusing on one project at a time, I’ve never had success with that. Worse yet, one day, I will research on how, as an example, to set a web page and price list for commissions up, but the next day, I want to quit half way through and design coffee mugs instead.

The week after, I’m inspired to continue on the price list, only to find I had no idea where I left off.

Trello fixes that by having a list of all my projects right there with the progress I’ve done on each project so that I know where I was and what resources I was using.

A huge part of this journey is finding out how to be the most productive and reach my goals while working with how my brain naturally works, which I’m finding I prefer to work on a variety of my own projects at once and a smaller amount of time daily dedicated to each one rather than power through one thing at a time as quickly as possible.

This is similar to how I was in school, had a lot of school subjects, but dedicated a certain amount of time to some projects one day and others the next day.


Well guys? One more day to go, and if wake up tomorrow, we’ll have won the 7 Day 3-Hour Workweek challenge! Yaaaaaay!!!


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