Coffee with Art: Drawing Hair

Good morning and hello!

I just wanted to share this:

It’s not super realistic. But I don’t care! It’s still fun!

I haven’t posted anything on this website in a short while, but I definitely have been keeping up with my 5am morning routine (only slept in once since I started waking up at that time again in December and that was only until 5:45!)

For those of you who might remember, back in December, I did a 3 Hour workday challenge where I got up at 5 am then dedicated 30 minutes to Learning, 1 hour to working on projects, 1 hour learning Art Business related stuff, and 30 minutes blogging.

While I’ve still been getting up at 5am, a couple things happened that made my morning routine go out of whack. For starters, I used up my whole sketchbook (yay!), but that meant I didn’t have a sketchbook to continue practicing art during Learning Time, and the other thing was my painting projects got to a point where they feel 99.999% finished, but I feared if I did anything more with them, I would ruin them (Law of Diminishing Returns).

Well, today was all about learning how to draw hair! I followed this digital painting tutorial using pencils!


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