5 Reasons You Should Dance Every Morning!

Good morning and hello everyone!

I don’t quite know what prompted me to do this, but I’ve started the day by turning on a silly song (lately, it’s been Melodika Bros’ cover of System of a Down’s Chop Suey, brewing coffee, grabbing a glass of water, and while the coffee’s brewing…

…and dance like a silly person!

I mean, it’s the PERFECT morning song! The lyrics start with “Wake up, grab a brush and put on a little makeup” that means it’s GOTTA be a happy-go-lucky morning song… riiiiiiiight?

So! 5 Benefits I’ve noticed:

1. It’s Good Exercise

Dancing, taking many steps all at once like that gets your heart pumping, your blood flowing, and it doesn’t even take that long. Unless your job requires a lot of movement, chances are you’re going to be spending most the day in front of a screen whether that’s work, school, or even at home.

2. You Start the Day More Confident

Like before, how dancing is good exercise, moving your body boosts your confidence. I think the silliness factor helps a bit- not being afraid to make an utter fool of yourself in private, practicing doing that a while, then when you’re out in public, you can be a little silly, but more confident. So, that exercise, confidence boost, and starting the day a little silly can make you a more interesting and charismatic person. Most importantly, your energy will affect others, and they can have a good day in turn!

3. It Carries on the Rest of the Day

Think about this, if you start the day by reading a negative news, or miserable because you’re dreading work, then you’re stuck in traffic and that jerk cuts you off, that’s just another thing to add to your list of misery. Starting the day off by moving your body, being positive and silly, and having a bit of fun, in my experience, I found diminishes these negative experiences. Rather than, “Great! I spilled my coffee everywhere, what ELSE can go wrong?” you end up thinking, “I’m in such an an AMAZING mood! I never want this feeling to go away!” And you don’t! You look around, and find more happy things, it didn’t rain on your way to the train, there’s a cute bird playing happily, and adorable dog out for her walk walked right by you and you have the confidence to ask her owner if you can pet the dog! The owner ignores you, but no big deal! Today will still be awesome!

4. It Makes You More Creative

At least it does me, as an artist, creativity first thing in the morning is very important to me. There is evidence to suggest that grogginess helps with memory and creativity, not only is that lingering grogginess still there, the dancing helps me to put my desire for creativity and productivity into overdrive. I want to make more art, build my art business even more, heck this is the second article I’m writing today (scheduling it for the next day, of course) all because I started this day happy. In fact, the things that generally bother me- ie, the dread of going to my day job, are nonexistent. There is only now, and I must create!

5. You’re Happier!

So, you started the day with exercise, more confident, having a much better day, and more creative. Have more days like this, and you’re happier!


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