7 Day Digital Art Challenge!

Focus: Character Design

Day 1: Black and White Self Portrait (Before)

Day 2: Practice Drawing Lines (or go to line boot camp)

From here on out, practice drawing lines for 5 minutes prior to additional exercises

Day 3: Writing a story/ sketching concept

Day 4: Line art

Day 5: Color

Day 6: Different Color Pallets

Day 7: Finishing Touches- simple background

I’ll using these series of videos by Marco Bucci to help me:

Hours Total: 3.5- typical week at a university class.

Well gang, I’ve done it! I’ve worked extra shifts at work, stayed late, would’ve come in early if the boss wasn’t always 3 minutes late, and I finally got my new graphics card, which means I can now create digital paintings again! Hooray!

This was a happy day for Mr. and Mrs. Meyer, lots of hard work went into making this possible… little did they know… that God decided for some reason they haven’t suffered enough (read on)!

So, Mr. Meyer and I got the graphics card installed… slight hiccup though… the motherboard mistook the new graphics card for that scumbag that ran over her chihuahua with an SUV… repeatedly, and in short used the lame-ass excuse, “did not recognize the new hardware”, which was FRUSTRATING, but we got it figured it out.

But then when I went to test the one thing I broke my back so hard to save for the stupid thing… aka the brush lag on Paint Shop Pro…

… it STILL wasn’t working. Thankfully, I got up at 5, immediately called up support, and two hours later, it’s finally working. It involved uninstalling and reinstalling the thing, point is it works.

It was NOT the most frustrating day of my life, but it was kind of pain, yes.

The Challenge!

Boy do I love my 7 Day challenges. I always mean for them to be 30 days, but that always sounds too daunting, but once 7 days have past, usually the remaining 23 days go by without a hitch!

So, adding on to my 3 Hour Workday Challenge, the next 7 days are going to be more about enhancing my digital painting skills. Learning Time is going to consist of 30 minutes following along tutorials on how to digitally paint, and 1 hour Commissions is going to be dedicated to spending 30 minutes on two digital “commissions” I’m working on (they’re not real commissions, one is an example character design piece I’m working on and one is actually a gift for some good friends of mine), and 60 minutes dedicated to Business (probably learning photobashing).

On top of that, I’m also going to be posting various things I learn:

Here is what I did today. A self portrait. Much like how the artists of the Renaissance worked in the old days, a common recommendation among digital artists is to make a black and white painting, then add color over it. Hence why my painting looks like something from Haunting of Hill House (or was that Betrayal At House on the Hill…? Ah whatever).

If anybody knows a horror game board game maker in need of an artist who also isn’t dumb enough to ask said artist to work for free, please let me know! ashmeyerart@gmail.com and all that!

Doesn’t this look like the work of someone who did a ton of digital art in high school, gave it up to run off to Europe to learn art restoration, then picked it up again as she fast approaches her early 30’s?

Have a beautiful day!


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