So I Started a Webcomic…

Alright, so in my last blog post, I was going to try doing a digital art challenge to improve my digital painting skills, but right after that, I got a really bad flu, then went on vacation right afterwords. After all that, I’m finally back at 100% and getting back to my normal routine.

For over ten years, I’ve had this fantasy genre story about a dragon rider, his dragons, and the adventures they go on, in my head. When I first came up with the idea in middle school, I drew these comics all the time. They weren’t anything overly dramatic or serious- just silly, fun comics more based on the early 90’s comics featured in Dragon magazine (such as Dork Tower and PVP).

I don’t remember how it started, but I do remember being grounded a lot (for good reason!) in middle school. I drew these comics because I couldn’t watch TV or play computer games.

As I got older, I wanted to write a more dramatic story. My characters would go through more high stakes adventures, have more tragic backstories,- Dragonslayers would be legitimate threats instead of minor nuisances, yadayada. I would keep writing and rewriting and rewriting the story. Finally, I came to this conclusion: it’s been over ten years, and I have nothing published or online.

I wanted it to be perfect before releasing it. These characters are still in my head, they have a story that needs told, and it must be in comic format (because I’m an artist).

Looking back, I realized one of the first things that really jumpstarted my art skills were these comics. I learned how to draw landscapes so that I could draw more beautiful environments for my characters to live, I learned anatomy and poses so that I could draw my characters better.

Here’s one problem I’ve had with my story: I have certain things that are constant: like my characters, the genre, and the places, but I’ve come up with dozens of different plots for the story.

So! To overcome this, I’ve decided to play a game: Schrodinger’s Webcomic: All realities exist at once until a comic is drawn and put online… or something along those lines. My plan is to upload a comic panel, then play on the previous panel, then keep everything as consistent as possible. So no retcons, or anything like that (hopefully).

It’s going to be fun! It is fun so far! I’m already learning a lot about digital art in the process.

If you’d like to check it out, The Webcomic is called Dragonrider’s Dance (might change the name. It’s still in the early stages). For now, I’m going to be uploading every Tuesday and Thursday.

Here’s the link:

The art’s not want I want it to be… YET! But I don’t care! I’m having fun! ^_^ I missed these guys.


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