Finding Joy in Art

Maybe the reason why I feel motivated to write a happy article is because of how happy I feel right now. As of this morning, I posted page 4 of Dragon Rider’s Dance on time! I realize I didn’t mention this in my last journal entry, but I’m going to be posting every Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Actually… let me go put that ON the website…

Okay! Done!

One of the reasons why the comic is bringing me so much joy is because a couple months back, I decided to improve my digital art skills. I’ve been a traditional art painter for so long and the last time I’ve done any digital art was ten years ago (so my current skills are that of a highschooler! Haha!), but I kept getting frusterated just making “A digital painting”, but with this comic, I’m learning how to use the program tools to make my art quickly (something highly valued if you’re going into making comics or concept art), to make artwork of my characters, and I’ve written pages and pages of history, lore, and backstory working out philosophical questions that I have: for example: What happens when you were once a hero, but as you age, rather than accepting your new place as a mentor fostering the next generation, you desperately try to hold on to that glory at any cost? Whereas before, I didn’t have a means of working them out.

WIP of Matthias- my main POV character. This will be a digital art piece! So excited!

I would LOVE to get rich off this comic! Sell comics, make t-shirts, merch, present at cons, see cosplayers of my characters at said Cons, all that good stuff, but if that never happens, that’s okay. I’m happy. This is already helping me improve my skills, I’m having fun, and it’s helping me think through stuff in an entertaining narrative fashion.

My characters are also my beloved children (who I put through difficult situations because it builds character).

This is the kind of power art should have. Art should help you wonder, help you harness your creative power. Art should be a thing of beauty that you want to add to the world. Art should help you think, enrich your mind, perhaps change it. Art is patient, art is kind, art is never jealous, yadayadayada.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Tuesday!


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