Pony Tail Falls

So, I’m trying to enjoy a good chunk of home before I leave for Florence in a mon- a month???? Oh geez, that’s coming up quickly. I’ve been doing a lot of hiking this summer, but today was my first day doing hiking by myself. My boyfriend was supposed to come with, but he got sick. IContinue reading “Pony Tail Falls”

7 Stupid Things I Learned in Art School

So during my undergrad life, I had one goal: to get an art history degree to pursue a career in art restoration. Depending on who you talk to, this is can be a very science heavy career, and while I did struggle in the maths and sciences quite a bit. I found I still foundContinue reading “7 Stupid Things I Learned in Art School”

Gold is Everywhere, and by Gold, I mean Art and Beauty

This frame here was a great thing to have fallen into my lap. I have a couple friends who will be moving to Germany in just a few days, they handed me their cats. They also had this frame that was given to them that they couldn’t find a use for. “Here, Ashley, you’re anContinue reading “Gold is Everywhere, and by Gold, I mean Art and Beauty”

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I’m sure many of you think your mothers are the best, but you’re all wrong. Mine is. No questions. Not up for debate. Thank you very ¬†much… …is what I would’ve said had Mary had not already held that spot, sorry, Jesus. I very much dread to think what my life wouldContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day”

Coming up for Next Term!

Hey, everyone! For those of you who’ve been following my conservation-related blogs, I just got the go-ahead to count my volunteer work at the Art Museum as internship credit! As long as I blog about it! So, here’s a little preliminary pre-blog about what I’ve been doing: I’ve been making boxes and envelopes for archivalContinue reading “Coming up for Next Term!”

End of the Term… RIP Wacom tablet?

Woo! One term down, one more to go! In theory… hopefully I passed all of my classes. I didn’t feel %100 confidant about that last final there. I’ve also turned in my Art Conservation portfolio for the Florence program! Woo! One less thing to worry about! I’m a little bummed because OF COURSE my WacomContinue reading “End of the Term… RIP Wacom tablet?”

Mass Produced Art is Problematic Art

I’m currently taking a break from writing my Early Medieval Art paper (sssssh! Don’t tell my teacher!). I’m currently writing¬†about the Book of Kells. I already kind of started writing it, but just today, I figured out all the pieces to make this a topic I’m truly excited about: which is comparing the Book ofContinue reading “Mass Produced Art is Problematic Art”

Asari Ballerina

Happy Thanksgiving! I have a couple conservation related blog posts that I’ll try to get to today (definitely tomorrow). I spent a few minutes everyday working on this piece. This is an asari (an alien from Mass Effect). They’re supposed to be a beautiful, ancient species that are the biggest pioneers of philosophy and art.Continue reading “Asari Ballerina”