ArH PAM Internship Week 10: Postmodern Art and some final thoughts.

Well, gang, it looks like this will be my last blog post for the Portland Art Museum internship. I’m still going to be working there as a volunteer there until all the print materials are nice and wrapped up, but as for my schooling, this is it. It’s been a great run, and I thankContinue reading “ArH PAM Internship Week 10: Postmodern Art and some final thoughts.”

ArH Internship Week 9: A Brief History on Printing

Bleh. So, I wrote two blog posts yesterday, yet still it took me this long to get this blog post done for my school. I don’t why this is happening, it’s really dumb. I should just get all my school projects done at the beginning of the week before doing other projects like the Van GoghContinue reading “ArH Internship Week 9: A Brief History on Printing”

ArH Internship Weeks 8: OSU Prints and Sad Poetry

So, just a disclaimer, I did in fact GO to my internship my last week and had every intention of doing the blog post. I had a paper in History of Photography that I needed to do and work was exhausting, so I spent the free time I did have working on the Lent ProjectContinue reading “ArH Internship Weeks 8: OSU Prints and Sad Poetry”

ArH Internship Week 6: No Internship Today. Van Gogh instead.

Well, my friendlies, I just realized it’s Friday and I have not posted anything related to my internship this week. That’s because I had no internship this week. My supervisor is in Beliz with her husband. That being said, I thought I would take this opportunity to write more about my independent research project. IContinue reading “ArH Internship Week 6: No Internship Today. Van Gogh instead.”

PAM Internship Week 5: More Japanese Prints and Paul Dahlquist

I’m showcasing two pieces today: I don’t have a whole lot of information on these prints, but I still want to share them with you because I think they look nifty. These contemporary Japanese prints were a gift to Arlene Schnitzer. Next, I wrapped a Folio of photograph work by Paul Dahlquist, an Oregon basedContinue reading “PAM Internship Week 5: More Japanese Prints and Paul Dahlquist”

ArH Internship Week 4: Etiquette of Looting

DISCLAIMER: We here at AshleyWestArt do not condone looting. We are simply suggesting that if looting does take place, which, unfortunately has been and will be again and again, that the offending party simply not add “destruction of cultural artifacts” to your list of crimes. At best, you are a war criminal, at worst, youContinue reading “ArH Internship Week 4: Etiquette of Looting”

I Need Your Help

  We did it, guys! Also, oops! Realized I hadn’t made a blog post in five days. How dare I? Okay. So. Here’s what happened: I came into my internship the other day just happy as a clam. I took off my coat, grateful that I wasn’t taking off 80 layers like I did lastContinue reading “I Need Your Help”

ArH Internship: David Grant Best

Last week I learned how to make a box. However, making somewhat bulky boxes can be very cost-ineffective to the cardboard, and when you have large print pieces such as Portrait of a Racetrack by David Grant Best, which is a very heavy, large, dense portfolio. A cardboard box would not be a very effectiveContinue reading “ArH Internship: David Grant Best”