Anticipation Study: Nope-ing on Out

I’m currently studying Alan Becker’s 12 Steps of Animation video series on YouTube. More specifically, Anticipation. I tried to make the stick figure look like he’s jumping, and, as an added bonus, I thought it looked like he was twirling away. Welp. That was fun. I should probably get started on my actual classes now. StayContinue reading “Anticipation Study: Nope-ing on Out”

Tipsy Sketch: Dance On

So, it’s been a while since I did a tipsy sketch. Which is basically a sketch where I just let go and draw whatever comes to mind. Yeah, so here’s just a stupid fun thing! ^_^   WARNING: We here at Ashleywestart do NOT endorse alcoholism. As alcohol can result in deep deep sleep andContinue reading “Tipsy Sketch: Dance On”

I Feel Bad for Philosophy Majors

I was sitting in the computer lab at school looking at my transcript to marvel at how much closer I was to graduation. Turns out, it was lucky that I did because I thought I was only five credits away. In actuality, I was NINE away, and FIVE of them needed to be in art history.Continue reading “I Feel Bad for Philosophy Majors”

Mass Produced Art is Problematic Art

I’m currently taking a break from writing my Early Medieval Art paper (sssssh! Don’t tell my teacher!). I’m currently writing about the Book of Kells. I already kind of started writing it, but just today, I figured out all the pieces to make this a topic I’m truly excited about: which is comparing the Book ofContinue reading “Mass Produced Art is Problematic Art”

To my fellow Pokemon fans who hated this election…

Hey, there friendlies! So, this doesn’t have a whole lot to do with art, but I am sure of two things: I REALLY did not like how this election went, and I think it reflected my country very poorly. I think as much attention as the third parties were getting this term, ranked voting would’veContinue reading “To my fellow Pokemon fans who hated this election…”