Anticipation Study: Nope-ing on Out

I’m currently studying Alan Becker’s 12 Steps of Animation video series on YouTube. More specifically, Anticipation. I tried to make the stick figure look like he’s jumping, and, as an added bonus, I thought it looked like he was twirling away. Welp. That was fun. I should probably get started on my actual classes now. StayContinue reading “Anticipation Study: Nope-ing on Out”

So Many Shiny New Toys!

Christmas came early for me this year! Adobe is currently having (if you’re reading this before the 25th) their Black Friday sale! If you’re a student or teacher, you get 68% off on their products! Now, this meant that I only needed to spend <$200 for the whole year for the ENTIRE Creative Suite! SoContinue reading “So Many Shiny New Toys!”