Daily Digital Challenge: Day 7

Hey, everybody. Didn’t post yesterday because it was my husband’s birthday. That being said, I still made him this for his birthday gift: Okay, so let’s go over how this morning went: 60 Minutes Learning Here are a couple objectives I want to reach with this challenge: Character Design Consistency with character design Bad habitContinue reading “Daily Digital Challenge: Day 7”

7 Day Lazy Morning Challenge: Day 4: Sketchbook Drawing

I don’t have a lot of time to post this morning, but in a few words: Too tired, hard time getting up, wasn’t able to continue the painting from yesterday like I planned, opted to draw from my binder of old master references instead. Let’s just say, thank God I had everything set up theContinue reading “7 Day Lazy Morning Challenge: Day 4: Sketchbook Drawing”

7 Day Lazy Challenge: Day 4

Today is my first day back to work from my stay cation. Getting up was difficult again, but I was still able to wake up at 5 with minimal effort to do art for 30 minutes. Here is what I worked on today: I was having a bit of art block, so I opened myContinue reading “7 Day Lazy Challenge: Day 4”