I Need Your Help

  We did it, guys! Also, oops! Realized I hadn’t made a blog post in five days. How dare I? Okay. So. Here’s what happened: I came into my internship the other day just happy as a clam. I took off my coat, grateful that I wasn’t taking off 80 layers like I did lastContinue reading “I Need Your Help”

Medieval Portland: Preliminary Treatment Report First Draft

Ashley West. Art Conservation Project. OWNER: Portland State University Special Collections ARTIST: Calligrapher: Mirza Mohammad Kazema Valeh PRE-TREATMENT PHOTOGRAPHS MATERIALS ANALYSIS 1. DESCRIPTION The Object: Illuminated manuscript of  texts of Bustān (The Orchard, 1257) and Gulistān (The Rose Garden, 1258) originally composed by the poet Majmūʻah-i Saʻdī. The calligrapher of this particular copy is unknown. The area of the book needing attention areContinue reading “Medieval Portland: Preliminary Treatment Report First Draft”