Yes, Make that Webcomic (5 Job Skills You Learn!)

Want to make a webcomic, but with everything else going on, you don’t know if it’s a good idea? Turns out there’s a lot of valuable job skills you end up learning as a side effect of being creative! And no, I don’t just mean job skills you’ll need in the comic book industry. IContinue reading “Yes, Make that Webcomic (5 Job Skills You Learn!)”

How to Paint Something You Suck At

This isn’t going to be a painting tutorial, this is just something I’ve been trying to figure out. I’ve written on this topic before. This can be attributed to any artist in any medium, but for argument’s sake, I’m going to be talking about painters. Both traditional and digital. Many artists are good at paintingContinue reading “How to Paint Something You Suck At”

Finding Joy in Art

Maybe the reason why I feel motivated to write a happy article is because of how happy I feel right now. As of this morning, I posted page 4 of Dragon Rider’s Dance on time! I realize I didn’t mention this in my last journal entry, but I’m going to be posting every Tuesdays andContinue reading “Finding Joy in Art”

So I Started a Webcomic…

Alright, so in my last blog post, I was going to try doing a digital art challenge to improve my digital painting skills, but right after that, I got a really bad flu, then went on vacation right afterwords. After all that, I’m finally back at 100% and getting back to my normal routine. ForContinue reading “So I Started a Webcomic…”