Imperial Monterey Chair Session 1

    My supervisors, Katie and Mitchell, were trained in the European style of conservation. European and American style conservation differ on some key elements. Members of the AIC (Mitchell and I both are members) will occasionally get literature in the mail about the latest technologies being used to analyze historic antiquities. In contrast, European conservationContinue reading “Imperial Monterey Chair Session 1”

Senior Capstone: Meeting Marjan and the Poetry Book

Hey all! So, I was completely brain dead yesterday after coming home from the gym, so to make up for not posting yesterday, I’ll most likely post two posts today. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet  Marjan Anvari, a conservator specializing in Medieval Middle Eastern manuscripts. She was really cool to talk to. I didn’tContinue reading “Senior Capstone: Meeting Marjan and the Poetry Book”

Started my new internship today!

I started my internship at MPF Conservation Center today. The business is run by Katie and Mitchell Powell. A couple of very nice furniture conservators who were willing to put up with me this Fall and teach me some tricks of the trade. I won’t be posting anything in detail as of yet because thisContinue reading “Started my new internship today!”

Kitty with a Basket

Now, this piece holds a special place in my heart. This was an art project my mother had when she was little that was broken. So under, Robert’s tutelage, I adhered the broken pieces, then made a nice little fill out of plaster painted with acrylics. My mom was happy, so that’s the most importantContinue reading “Kitty with a Basket”

My First Project

This was my first art conservation project. I’ve spent the past year interning with Robert Krueger from his lab at Cascadia Art Conservation Center. Krueger was trained at Buffalo State University and taught me in the protocol of how they teach conservation from documentation to treatments to photography. It was a truly fulfilling experience. ThisContinue reading “My First Project”