Boboli Gardens

Wow. Sorry everyone! Realized it’s been almost an entire month since my last blog post. Welp! I’m still alive! Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of art as of late. I’ve been doing a lot of studying and paper writing. That’s a lot of what art conservation is. A whole lot of writing.Continue reading “Boboli Gardens”

30 Portraits in Some Time Frame or Another: Portrait 5 and the Stibbert Museum

I started this painting yesterday and finished it this evening. This is a study of William Bouguereau’s “A Dream of Spring”. For this excercise, I decided to paint a portrait where the eyes are more open. The last two portraits I did, the subject was looking down so their eyes were obscured. Painting eyes without makingContinue reading “30 Portraits in Some Time Frame or Another: Portrait 5 and the Stibbert Museum”

More Florence Things: Art Making and Gold Gilding

So… I’m finally having a bit of an “off” day. Tuesdays are insane for me, so today was pretty much just me catching up on laundry and vegging out. I was going to go out and do some painting, but I’ve finally accepted the fact that that’s just not happening. I’m blogging instead. So, hereContinue reading “More Florence Things: Art Making and Gold Gilding”