PAM Internship Week 5: More Japanese Prints and Paul Dahlquist

I’m showcasing two pieces today: I don’t have a whole lot of information on these prints, but I still want to share them with you because I think they look nifty. These contemporary Japanese prints were a gift to Arlene Schnitzer. Next, I wrapped a Folio of photograph work by Paul Dahlquist, an Oregon basedContinue reading “PAM Internship Week 5: More Japanese Prints and Paul Dahlquist”

ArH Internship: History I Helped Preserve Today

Hey, art lovers! This is a blog post for my internship working¬†at the art museum. But first, a brief history of how I got there: Early last summer, I was volunteering at the art museum at the Rental Sales Gallery. I was also interning with Robert Krueger at the the time as well. I¬†received aContinue reading “ArH Internship: History I Helped Preserve Today”