30 Portraits in 30 Days: Day 4

Hey, all! Madonna of the Rocks, the painted version, and the not nearly as good as Leonardo version. So, if you’ve been following this 30 portraits in 30 days exercise, you know that I’ve already failed! It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything, let alone a picture of a portrait I’ve painted, butContinue reading “30 Portraits in 30 Days: Day 4”

30 Portraits 30 Day Challenge: Day 3

Hey all. Haven’t had a chance to get the paint I need. I know I will not tomorrow because I have a long day of classes ahead of me tomorrow. So, I decided to draw a portrait instead. This is Madonna from Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Madonna of the Rocks”. Like in the spirit of DaContinue reading “30 Portraits 30 Day Challenge: Day 3”

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I’m sure many of you think your mothers are the best, but you’re all wrong. Mine is. No questions. Not up for debate. Thank you very  much… …is what I would’ve said had Mary had not already held that spot, sorry, Jesus. I very much dread to think what my life wouldContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day”

Our Lady of the Wood: Lenten Project Day 16

Today was a good day. It’s been seven days since I did the priming, and it was now time to start on the actual painting. Thankfully, the disappeared drawing wasn’t a problem. I was able to paint Mary and Jesus more or less the way it was before. I’m really happy with this so far.Continue reading “Our Lady of the Wood: Lenten Project Day 16”

Our Lady of the Wood: Lenten Project Day 10: I Messed Up

  Hey, everyone. So… I learned the hard way that before you start any project with a medium you haven’t done before, you really need to do your research. So, it’s with a heavy heart that I say that the drawing of Mary and Jesus I spent a few days doing is no longer visible.Continue reading “Our Lady of the Wood: Lenten Project Day 10: I Messed Up”

Lenten Project: Day 5: Finished Drawing

Welcome to my One Painting in Forty Days project. I haven’t been blogging every day, but I have been spending time on this every day. Welp. I got the drawing finished much more quickly than I anticipated. Hooray! Drawing on wood wasn’t really as daunting as I thought it would be. I kinda messed up though. IContinue reading “Lenten Project: Day 5: Finished Drawing”