Medieval Portland Senior Capstone: Safe Handling

Medieval Portland Capstone: Looking at the Persian Poetry Book with Marjan

On Tuesday 11/1, I met once again with Marjan Anvari so that we can look at the poetry book together. This was particularly exciting for me because rather than just looking at the book face value like I have been, I was able to see the book through the eyes of an expert.   IContinue reading “Medieval Portland Capstone: Looking at the Persian Poetry Book with Marjan”

Medieval Capstone: Special Collections Illustration Preview

Hey, everybody! So, I’ll be meeting with Marjan tomorrow to look at the book and get more information about its history and possible ways to treat the problems with it, hypothetically. Now, this another part of my project, where I’ll be making illustrations for the Special Collections Code of Conduct (or Rules for Researchers) which can beContinue reading “Medieval Capstone: Special Collections Illustration Preview”

Medieval Portland: Preliminary Treatment Report First Draft

Ashley West. Art Conservation Project. OWNER: Portland State University Special Collections ARTIST: Calligrapher: Mirza Mohammad Kazema Valeh PRE-TREATMENT PHOTOGRAPHS MATERIALS ANALYSIS 1. DESCRIPTION The Object: Illuminated manuscript of  texts of Bustān (The Orchard, 1257) and Gulistān (The Rose Garden, 1258) originally composed by the poet Majmūʻah-i Saʻdī. The calligrapher of this particular copy is unknown. The area of the book needing attention areContinue reading “Medieval Portland: Preliminary Treatment Report First Draft”

Medieval Portland: Photo documentation

I checked out a camera from the Portland State University VA office hoping to get some better shots of the poetry book. I was highly discouraged from using flash (for good reason), but if I made do with what I could. Unfortunately, since I left, it looks like the damage has gotten slightly worse. The goldContinue reading “Medieval Portland: Photo documentation”