Three Hour Workday Challenge Day 1

1. Learning Time (30 Minutes) I finished the book, Show Me Your Work by Austin Kleon. This little book is a list of 10 steps to getting your artwork out there. Here’s what I learned today: 7. Don’t Turn into Human Spam– I thought “Human Spam” meant being one of those irritating people who isContinue reading “Three Hour Workday Challenge Day 1”

Three Hour Workday Routine Challenge

Hey all! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas! I had Boxing Day off too, so I couldn’t wait to get productive after two days of partying. I decided to make a new challenge for myself. Since I’m able, I’ve decided to make a new 7 Day challenge for myself to help further my artContinue reading “Three Hour Workday Routine Challenge”

How does Art Speak to You?

In October, I attended the second meeting of the newly formed Westcoast Catholic Art Guild (also called Cor ad Cor). One of the members, who I’ll call Margaret for this blog post, asked if I could give her a lift. It was only a five minute drive, and not out of the way, so IContinue reading “How does Art Speak to You?”

How Artistic Jealousy can be a Good Thing

My last article (or, blog post that had a lot more writing than doodles) was pretty negative. I got a lot of positive feedback for it, and I was in the middle of writing another blog post discussing the nature of Ugliness in the art work (I will probably post that at some point), butContinue reading “How Artistic Jealousy can be a Good Thing”

Medieval Portland: Photo documentation

I checked out a camera from the Portland State University VA office hoping to get some better shots of the poetry book. I was highly discouraged from using flash (for good reason), but if I made do with what I could. Unfortunately, since I left, it looks like the damage has gotten slightly worse. The goldContinue reading “Medieval Portland: Photo documentation”

Imperial Monterey Session 2: Gunk Scraping!

In my past conservation projects, I learned that a crucial part about conservation may involve fixing past repairs, usually made by owners and sometimes fix-it shops. Weeks 2 and 3 of my internship at MPF Conservation were such a reminder of this fact. During the second week, Katie and I went shopping for strapping leather at OregonContinue reading “Imperial Monterey Session 2: Gunk Scraping!”

Senior Capstone: Meeting Marjan and the Poetry Book

Hey all! So, I was completely brain dead yesterday after coming home from the gym, so to make up for not posting yesterday, I’ll most likely post two posts today. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet  Marjan Anvari, a conservator specializing in Medieval Middle Eastern manuscripts. She was really cool to talk to. I didn’tContinue reading “Senior Capstone: Meeting Marjan and the Poetry Book”