Hating What You Love to Do

Hey all, So, just a heads up, this blog post starts off on kind of a downbeat, but don’t worry. It ends happily. This blog post is about hating to do what you love most, and for me, that’s art conservation. I don’t care what anyone says, one of the most valuable things you canContinue reading “Hating What You Love to Do”

End of the Term… RIP Wacom tablet?

Woo! One term down, one more to go! In theory… hopefully I passed all of my classes. I didn’t feel %100 confidant about that last final there. I’ve also turned in my Art Conservation portfolio for the Florence program! Woo! One less thing to worry about! I’m a little bummed because OF COURSE my WacomContinue reading “End of the Term… RIP Wacom tablet?”