January in Review

Hey all. Please forgive my silence this term. A lot happened over the holidays and onward as the new term started. For the new year, I’ve decided to do some major self-improvement both artistically and mentally. I am in the process of reading five non fiction books (minimum, of course), and drawing for at leastContinue reading “January in Review”

Boboli Gardens

Wow. Sorry everyone! Realized it’s been almost an entire month since my last blog post. Welp! I’m still alive! Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of art as of late. I’ve been doing a lot of studying and paper writing. That’s a lot of what art conservation is. A whole lot of writing.Continue reading “Boboli Gardens”

30 Portraits in Some Time Frame or Another: Portrait 5 and the Stibbert Museum

I started this painting yesterday and finished it this evening. This is a study of William¬†Bouguereau’s “A Dream of Spring”. For this excercise, I decided to paint a portrait where the eyes are more open. The last two portraits I did, the subject was looking down so their eyes were obscured. Painting eyes without makingContinue reading “30 Portraits in Some Time Frame or Another: Portrait 5 and the Stibbert Museum”

30 Portraits in 30 Days: Day 4

Hey, all! Madonna of the Rocks, the painted version, and the not nearly as good as Leonardo version. So, if you’ve been following this 30 portraits in 30 days exercise, you know that I’ve already failed! It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything, let alone a picture of a portrait I’ve painted, butContinue reading “30 Portraits in 30 Days: Day 4”

More Florence Things: Art Making and Gold Gilding

So… I’m finally having a bit of an “off” day. Tuesdays are insane for me, so today was pretty much just me catching up on laundry and vegging out. I was going to go out and do some painting, but I’ve finally accepted the fact that that’s just not happening. I’m blogging instead. So, hereContinue reading “More Florence Things: Art Making and Gold Gilding”

First few days in Italy

Hey all, Sorry for not posting anything. My laptop was out of battery and I’ve been procrastinating getting an adapter. I’m currently in this limbo between too tired to be out and about, but I’m too wired to take a nap (which is a good thing. I took a nap yesterday evening which went onContinue reading “First few days in Italy”

Leaving for a new Country: Some Reflections

NOTE: I’m actually currently IN Italy right now. I started this blog post before I left but I was too busy to finish it. Hey all, So… it’s going to be a few days then I’m finally leaving to study art conservation in Italy. I have all my paperwork pretty much done. Kinda wish IContinue reading “Leaving for a new Country: Some Reflections”

New YouTube/Vidme Series: Rome Stories

To anyone’s who¬†seen my latest cartoon vlog, I’m going to be posting a series called “Rome Stories.” This is where I talk about a few choice memories I have about being in Rome a couple years ago as well as probably some travel advice. This is going to do a couple of things. 1) HelpContinue reading “New YouTube/Vidme Series: Rome Stories”