Really Late Father’s Day Post

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This is pretty late, but here’s the painting I did for my Dad on Father’s Day. I stole my his photo of it because the one I took sucked. It’s on my instagram, but I like this photo better.

A couple years ago, my dad came across this amazing artist (team of artists? I couldn’t find a specific name. Please give me the name if you find it).

dad wanted me to do something in that style for a Star Wars imperial guard. I was going to do it in oil, but later decided to do it in watercolor instead. I haven’t used water colors in so long and I forgot how fun they were.

I’m really happy with how this turned out. More importantly, so was my dad.

When I was really little, my mom and biological dad divorced, while I was fortunate enough to have my biological dad in my life and he’s supported me through school financially, my dad, the one who was there, the one who raised me, and the one who was there for me, that’s who’s this painting is for. When I was about five, that was when my mom and dad met. I don’t remember not having him there, but I guess he came at a time where my family really needed him. He was always my dad. He was willing to stay with us even with my sister’s severe autism, he listened to me when I had problems or needed someone to talk to, he was always a big joker, but when necessary he was honest. It’s not always what I want to hear, but everything he said in that sense was what I needed to hear.

Heh, so, Dad posted this in Reddit. As I’m writing this, it has over 200 upvotes and 7 very nice comments. ^_^



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