30 Day Lip Challenge Progress

Good morning! So, a few days ago, I posted a 30 Day Art Challenge with the theme being lips. This is to improve my art, particularly lips because I felt that in my portraits, the lips haven’t always been the strongest.

I’ve been posting them on Instagram, but I’m strongly considering only posting them on my website. Most of them are just practice sketches and don’t fit the overall theme I want to portray on my page.

This is my progress so far:

Day 1: Paint a Pair of Lips

Just paint a pair of lips from imagination. This is acting as the “Before” image.

Day 2: Draw lips following a proportion guide


Day 3: Skull Teeth

Day 4: Break. No lip challenge. I still did a ton of painting on other pieces though.

Day 5: Muscles


My Reflections Thus Far

So, it’s only been five out of 30, but I’m really glad I’m incorporating breaks into this challenge. This allows for short bursts at a time rather than plugging away at a project for an extended period of time.

I’m also not super pleased with how the second and third drawings turned out. What I should have done was draw both front-facing and in profile just like how Day 5 with the muscles is. I was also more focused on trying to make them pleasing to an Instagram user more so than using this process to help me learn. For example, with Day 2, you can hardly see the proportion lines, and they were supposed to be the most important part of that particular day. I did enjoy using colored pencil though.

The reason why I did put my best effort into it was because I came home from work and I was tired and exhausted. I could fix this by really being dedicated in the morning, as that’s when I do my best work, or I should watch/listen to something uplifting and motivating before starting to draw.

Day 5 will not be showing up on my Instagram feed as I feel it vastly contrasts with the overall theme with my page.

Welp! That’s all I have for now, thanks for visiting my page!



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