7 Day Lazy Challenge: Day 6

Hello! Welcome to Day 6 out of the 7 Day Laziness challenge, where we set up our week in advance so that we have to work HARDER to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep than wake up early and get our day started and can actually start our day with a little victory by honing our skills for 30 minutes!

It finally happened! I’m on Day 6, and my sleep cycle has adjusted. I am fully confident that after tomorrow, I will be able to continue to wake up at 5 am to draw or paint without fuss.

Also, my husband wanted to wake up at 5 with me so that we’re not rushing to get out of the house. This has been nice, and I actually got to work 15 minutes early yesterday instead of exactly on time.

One more day to go! Can we make it?

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