Coffee with Art: Dreams

Effective immediately, I’m changing this series to “Coffee with art.” This is important.

The Process

I really was in a bit of a pickle this morning. I forced myself to wake up and I was particularly groggy this morning. I really didn’t know what to draw.

So, I took my watercolors and started painting little blue squares, then little pink squares, then little yellow squares…

With 25 minutes left on the timer, I still didn’t know what to draw, so I turned the paper upside down. To which the color then looked like a body of water, hence the ship.

My Thoughts

Last night, I resolved to break my bad habit: which is to not sleep in. I realized I needed to figure out WHY I was sleeping in- sure, there’s the obvious “I just want to sleep more,” but with a little thinking, I realized there was a little more to it than that.

The biggest one was I was putting off facing reality.

I often wake up in the middle or at the end of a very vivid dream, when the alarm goes off, I really want to go back to that dream. There’s are some things in my life right now that are a bit too much to handle (as the case with all of us), and I would rather not face that right now.

After coming to that conclusion, it was a lot easier to get up at 5 this morning. There’s something about using sleeping in and dreaming as a means of escaping reality that’s very unappealing.

It much more heroic to get up and face those realities. If things are going wrong, you’re not going to fix it by staying in bed.


I’m really glad I started doing this series of blog posts, especially first thing in the morning. There’s something therapeutic about it. I pretty much wasted my weekend worrying about going to work today, but the truth is, there are responsibilities at work I need to take care of as well as responsibilities at home. Worrying about it doesn’t do any good, and neither does escaping into sleep or video games.

Maybe that’s what I’m seeing in this piece, there’s the bright, colorful, disjointed sea of dreams and unconsciousness, then the more realistically drawn boat representing the need to take the helm and navigate forward.


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