Three Hour Workday Routine Challenge

Hey all! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas! I had Boxing Day off too, so I couldn’t wait to get productive after two days of partying.

I decided to make a new challenge for myself. Since I’m able, I’ve decided to make a new 7 Day challenge for myself to help further my art business and abilities. I will be borrowing from my previous 7 Day Lazy challenge, but this more about time management and a more productive morning routine than motivation to get up early.

I’ve found that there was a period where I was back to waking up at 5 consistently, but since I don’t start work until noon, I would find that I would draw for 30 minutes, feel accomplished, then just derp around until it was time to leave for work.

I think back when I was working my secretary job where my shift started at 8, waking up at 5 was easier because I could draw for 30 minutes then start work soon after, but since now I have a job that starts later than that, after a while, my brain is starting to think there was no point to waking up at 5 since all I do is draw for 30 minutes, then use my remaining time to derp around on YouTube.

When in reality, I had even more time to build my artistic talent and art business, and I was just wasting it. So, I’m now adding a more structured list of things to do during my time:

Learning Time (30 minutes)

No matter how advanced we get in our abilities, we always could be learning. It doesn’t have to be just artistic ability, but it could also be business skills, chemistry (for my art conservator friends), those instruction books that we bought a while back that we got excited about when we first purchased it, but never opened again. Maybe there’s a part of our art that we’re struggling on, and now this is 30 minutes dedicated JUST to improving those skills.

Today, I set my timer for 30 minutes, then read Show Your Work by Austin Kleon (the “Steal Like an Artist” guy). This was a Christmas gift from my friend now… cousin-in-law…? The premise of the book is teaching you how to get your work out there more.

Commission Work (2 commissions, 30 minutes each)

So, I currently have two commissions that I’m working on. I dedicated 30 minutes to work on both on them. I won’t show the progress of one because it’s a very personal family one (like if somebody on the internet said something mean about it, it would actually make me cry kind of thing), but the other is a Draeni shaman that I’m going to turn into an oil painting!

Business Related (1 hour)

This section of the morning is dedicated strictly to the BUSINESS side of your art. Whether that’s maintaining your website, getting merch set up, writing your newsletter, etc.

I have a Trello board set up with lists of numerous projects that have more to do with building my brand. This includes working on my video classes, set up teaching workshops, building a digital portfolio, etc.

Today, that business related part was a “1-hour sketch” of one of my old WoW characters to be used as an example for Player Character portraits. It actually turned into 2 hours because I got super perfectionist about it.

Scarlet Crusader cap, look at that!

Blogging (30 minutes)

And of course, blogging about it. I’m really hoping that this challenge helps me, and if it helps other artists too, all the better!

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