Three Hour Workday Challenge Day 1

1. Learning Time (30 Minutes)

I finished the book, Show Me Your Work by Austin Kleon. This little book is a list of 10 steps to getting your artwork out there. Here’s what I learned today:

7. Don’t Turn into Human Spam– I thought “Human Spam” meant being one of those irritating people who is constantly trying to sell your work and push it on others, but it was a lot more than that. It was wanting to sell your work, push it on others, and NOT want participate in other peoples’ work. Don’t be that guy at an art gallery who won’t stop talking about how great your gallery is, how great your projects are, without giving a toss as to what is it about your visitor that made them want to visit to your gallery in the first place (spoiler alert, they’re not coming back). Kleon also recommends that you don’t be that person that drains other people of their energy. Also, make some time to hang out with people in the real worls.

8. Learn to Take a Punch– Let your critics take their best shot, and know when someone is critic or a troll.

9. Sell Out– Often, when someone is accused of “selling out” it’s generally by jealous or scared people who resent or fear the change when someone starts making money from their work. Now, if you’re doing things you don’t enjoy just because that’s what makes money, I think you’re going to burn out very quickly, but yeah, if you enjoy what you’re doing and you’re making more money, then don’t be ashamed!

10. Stick Around. Ironically, this is where the author recommends taking a break, or a sabbatical, but no matter what you do, don’t quit. Take a hiatus, but don’t give up. Always come back.

2. Commission Work (1 hour, 30 minutes each for two commissions)

Same deal as yesterday. I’m working on two different commissions right now, but one of them is too personal to share. The other is a draeni shaman. Yesterday, I got the face that I want, but today I was focusing on the shoulder pads.

Here’s one of the character references the client sent me.

And here’s the face!

There wasn’t enough room on this scratch paper for the shoulder pads, so I had to draw a new picture. I feel like the shoulder pads are blocking the image a bit too much, so I’ll fix that tomorrow.

3. Business Related (Supposed to be 1 hour)

So, it’s supposed to be one hour, but I have to leave for work early today, so it’s only 30 minutes today. I spent 30 minutes on this sketch yesterday, so I spent an hour total on this sketch as an example of a “1 hour sketch” option for when I open commissions.

And that’s it for today guys! I got up at 5am, spent the designated amount of time on each thing, and I’m feeling pretty good!

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